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A day of biking to Moray and Maras

Inka Jungle 4 days in pool

Lares Trek, 4 days and 3 nights

A day of Biking to Moray and Maras

See the Inca agricultural lab of Moray and the saltpans of Maras


You are taken out to Urubamba and Cruzpata where the biking will begin. You'll bike through a splendid nature and visit the site of Moray and also the Saltpans of Maras.


Full Description


This is a one day adventure bike route that lets you enjoy and marvel at the beauty of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. You'll visit both Moray and Maras. A sporting day with visits to Inca ruins and pre-Inca salt extraction facilities.


Extra Information


You are paying for the transportation and the use of the bikes, as well as for the guide. Entrance fees are not included.


Starting Place:    Your hotel

End Place:          Downtown Cusco or your Hotel

Difficulty:             Physical

Travelling Style: Economy

Duration:            Whole Day


Understand the price


This price is per person. The price of the option (private tour) is also per person on condition that at least 2 people go.




This tour goes every day.


Included in the price

* Transportation from Cusco to Cruzpata.

* Transportation from Urubamba to Cusco.

* A professional Tour Guide.

* Lunch Pack.

* Al material in reference to the bikes. (Bikes, helmets, gloves, knee protectors etc.)


NOT Included in the price

* Entrance to Moray.

* Entrance to Maras.


Tourist Information


Moray was an agricultural laboratory built in a circular to generate different microclimates. Moray holds history and beauty. From here you can reach the salt and enjoy the spectacle of the Maras salt wells.

Maras  know as the "salt mines" are constituted by 3000, in the dry season every 3 days are filled with salt water from a natural spring located in the top of the wells. The process for the extraction of salt lasts about a month.


To Bring

* Protection against rain/cold.

* A hat or a cap.

* Sunscreen and sunglasses.

* Cameras, batteries etc.


Stuff you don’t need

* Computers, radios and other electronic gear.

* A day pack of more than 20 litres will not be allowed on the site.

* Food and drinks may be (but this happens seldom) confiscated at the entrance of the site.


What can you do before or after this tour

Things to do AFTER this tour

 A relaxed visit of Machu Picchu


Instead of travelling up and down all the way from Cusco to Machu Picchu in only 1 day, having to rush from A to B to Z, you can leave for Aguas Calientes the day before your visit to Machu Picchu, thus taking out the stress of too much kilometres in one day, leaving you a good night's rest before you actually visit Machu Picchu the next day. The same as the one day trip, but spread over more time and thus a lot less stressful and including a hotel in Aguas Calientes.


Possible Options                                                                                            Extra Price in SOLES

Biking Moray Maras in a private tour

You can opt for a private tour for this biking ONLY when:

- At least 2 people go on this private tour.

         - You pay the extra sum of this option PER PERSON.


Important: The Small Print


Using an ISIC Student Discount Card


Conditions of use of the ISIC card may vary. ISIC Discounts are usually only given by government bodies and not by commercial organizations. Discount levels vary and in some locations an upper age limit of 25 years is imposed. When buying tickets you must present your ID document as well as the ISIC card the names must match exactly. When using your ISIC discount tickets you must present both your ORIGINAL ID document (never a copy!) and ISIC card. ISIC discount tickets are not refundable in case of error.


General Admission Ticket (Boleto Turístico General)


A general entrance ticket, the Boleto Turístico General (BTG), is valid for ten days from the date of issue; they are non- transferrable and non-refundable. You may be asked to produce your passport at each site to validate the name on the ticket. Student ISIC discount is only valid for students up to 25 years of age and can only be applied on presentation of both ISIC card and passport. Only sites listed on the sales pamphlet are included. Machu-Picchu, Qoricancha and Cusco cathedral are not included on the BTG.


About Pool tours


A pool tour means that you are being put together with people from other hotels to make a visit somewhere together.

What you should know is that guides on these tours are not paid so well. This has two consequences. First, the good guides find work somewhere else, second, the 'lesser' guides who do work the circuit will try to compensate for their (low) wages by begging for tips and most of all, by taking you to souvenir markets and restaurants where they get a high commission. How you react to this situation is up to you, but we'd like you to be informed well before buying.




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