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Uros and their “Floating Islands” in Pool Service














Half a day on Lake Titicaca, see a people living on islands that float


Visit the tribes called 'Uros' that live on the lake, on self made islands of “Totora” reed that really float on the lake. You can see how they live, cook, sleep and what their culture is like.


Full Description

This is a nice and easy half day tour, from your hotel to the Uros and back to your hotel.

Transportation is foreseen in tricycle, car, bus and or boat; you'll be accompanied by a bilingual (Spanish/English) guide.

You'll visit the tribes on the lake called Uros and can experience how they live, cook, eat and dress.


Extra Information

While on their island, you may be offered a boat ride in one of their “Totora” reed boats. You will be charged for this ride, since it is not included in our price. Please be aware of this.


Starting Place: Your Hotel

End Place:        Your Hotel

Difficulty:            Very Easy

Travelling Style: Economy

Duration:            Half a Day


Understand the price

This price is per person.



This tour goes every day.


Included in the price

* All transportation on land and on the lake.

* Entrance fees.

* A bilingual guide (English/Spanish)


NOT Included in the price

* Tips for the guide or the skipper.

* No meals are included.

* The boat ride on the “Totora” Reed boat.


Tourist Information

"Urus" translated into Castilian means "The Aurora", this men are also known as water men or lake men.

The floating islands of Uros were built by the same name, with cattails by way of a belfry thick and high stakes. Uros families who live on floating islands living from fishing, their small crafts and barter.

The Urus or Uros formerly spoke several languages which today survive only Aymara and Castilian.


To Bring

* Sun screen.

* Warm clothes, raingear, good shoes.


Stuff you don’t need

* Computers, radios and other electronic gear.


What can you do before or after this tour

Things to do AFTER this tour

 Sillustani in a Pool tour

Pre-Inca burial site, where the nobles of the culture were buried in “Stupas”. All that remains are some of those burial towers, built on a spot that is fascinatingly beautiful.


Possible Options


Important: The Small Print

About Pool tours

A pool tour means that you are being put together with people from other hotels to make a visit somewhere together.

What you should know is that guides on these tours are not paid so well. This has two consequences. First, the good guides find work somewhere else, second, the 'lesser' guides who do work the circuit will try to compensate for their (low) wages by begging for tips and most of all, by taking you to souvenir markets and restaurants where they get a high commission. How you react to this situation is up to you, but we'd like you to be informed well before buying.




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